Heimat today – or: Everyone has his/her nest in his/her head

Transformations into United Germany in the Mirror of Saxon Local Television Programmes (1990-1995), and their Current Relevance

The project aims to examine the transformation processes since 1990 on the basis of contributions from about 40 local television broadcasters in Saxony in the 1990s. The unification process questioned previous standards and led to a readjustment; loss of Heimat, the familiar, but also the search for the new characterized this process.

From October 2019 until 2020, Judith Kretzschmar and Rüdiger Steinmetz will give lectures throughout Saxony with regionally specific programme excerpts. They investigate: How do the many Saxon private local television programmes of the early years after the Peaceful Revolution (1990-95) contribute to the understanding of the transition into a united Germany and today explosive topics of growing together?

The project aims to analyse the programmes of Saxon local television broadcasters, conduct surveys and interviews with contemporary witnesses and produce videos and handouts for multipliers of political education. Discussion events and symposia are also planned.